Rentable Space

Terms and Conditions of Rent able Area

1 Floor Area There are two types of floors i.e Building # 1 & 3=4060sqft
Building # 2 =3630 Sqft (Connected with Two Lobbies)
2 Monthly Rent The particular area is available at a reasonable rate.
3 Refundable Security Equal to three months’ rent-payable in advance at the time of signing of the agreement.
4 Electricity Each floor is equipped with 30A 3-phase power through the main power.
Another 20A 3-phase emergency through standby generator (takes 20 sec to 50 sec to start – not connected with HAVC).
5 HAVC Centrally Air-conditioner Building using 2×450 Tons Closed-System Chillers (for 8 hours i.e. 0900 to 1700 hours).
Worm-Air from the same ducts during winter using boiler as an integral part of the HVAC system (for 8 hours i.e. 0900 to 1700 hours).
6 Elevators 4-Elevators – 2 in each lobby – round the clock service.
7 Telephone Line Five direct lines from PTCL for each floor.
8 Internet High-Speed Internet Connectivity through E-3 Connection via SMW-3 and backup link via VAST.
9 Car Parking Underground parking facility for 6-cars for each floor. Additional parking, subject to availability on additional payment.
10 Security Round the clock building security.
11 Heat/Earthquake Resistance Expansion joints after 100 ft to resist heat/earthquake.
12 Utility Charges Non-payment of the electricity bill in time will subject to 10% surcharge in case of one-week late payment and power shut down in case of non-payment within three weeks.
1 Nil
2 Nil